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OptiStreams Suspends Sales and Delivery of Mobile Mount Used in
Current Fixed-Transportable Solution

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      FRESNO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 2003--OptiStreams announced today that it has suspended its sales and delivery of the mobile mount it has been using for its "fixed-transportable solutions" because of excessive technical support traffic pertaining to the product and recent test results from a well-respected test facility.

       Due to concern over an extraordinary volume of technical support calls from users of the mobile mount called the Datastorm manufactured by Motosat, a Utah-based company, OptiStreams took steps to have the product technically evaluated and subsequently tested by an independent testing firm that is well known and respected by regulatory agencies worldwide, including the FCC. OptiStreams' commitment to quality products and services required this action in order to determine if the technical support issues were a result of design issues or some other anomalous cause which might result in operational or service interruptions for end-users.

       Aside from concerns about the general operating ability of this device, regrettably, test results indicated the Datastorm was found to be non-compliant with certain FCC regulations and safety standards. In the course of taking responsible action concerning these findings, a formal complaint has been submitted to the FCC for appropriate corrective action. Therefore, OptiStreams has suspended the sales and delivery of the Datastorm product indefinitely.

     Recognizing the demand for such a "fixed-transportable" satellite internet solution, OptiStreams has identified a product that is a viable alternative with advanced features and performance capabilities. OptiStreams plans to formally announce this product shortly with near-term availability.

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