HSI for the Road

HSI = High Speed Internet

NASA in front of the VAB. Sept, 11, 2003, while working on the base. Dec 24th 2003, Working with the Houston City Fire Department and the Harris County Pollution Control to help locate a fual leak in to the White Oak Bayou. The use of the VSAT gave then full access to maps showing the water ways and under ground drainage system.


This here is a MVS 750 Mobile Broadband Satellite Communications system that is mounted in a custom built enclosure. It houses all the electronics required for the operation of the MVS750 so that it is a fully self contained HSI that is now very simple to operate, nothing to wire-up or put together, other then power.

Setup time: It takes about 3 minutes for the dish to get lined up with the satellite, and about any 3 minutes for the satellite modem to do it's download before it is online. Over all, 6 to 8 minutes and you are on the network. There is no other action required by the operator other then to push a button for UP and to bring it down, push the download button. It will automatically seek out the satellite and do the alignment required.

Accessing the network: Using a standard wireless Router/AP that lets me roam around with out wires and even go in to the hotels, and restaurants, and still have full connection to the internet. With a dual utility gain antenna located outside the box, the range it awesome.  It is great, as long as you park where you can see the southeast sky, all that you have to do is turn it on, and your are on the net.  If you need a hardwire connection to the VSAT modem, they have a 10Base-T connection on the modem, while the Directway had a USB connection. 

Speed:  We have seem the speed very up and down, and while it is not like my DSL or cable, it is faster then dialup modems. I have seen my downlink speeds average about 464k, with it getting 500k+ and on the uplink, We have seen up 385k using DSLReports.Com but my average is more like 100k up.  

Speed Test Report - Sept 30, 2003 - This is a good day for speed

Speed Test Report - Dec 17th, 2003 - This is a bad night for uplink speed - worst that I have seen in a long time.

Speed Test Report - Mar. 06th, 2004 - 512/128 service

Another test Mar 06 2004

This is listed as a commercial grade HSI unit and built for rugged use, and looks like a more robust unit unlike the Direcway unit.

Oh, did I say it also gets a lot of heads turning ! It is wild to watch it as it starts seek out the satellite. When you first turn it on, the dish comes up and the feed horn folds out, it then turns around and back and forth an then points to the south and waits for the GPS to go online. I think this is the time the unit checks how level it is, then once the GPS is online, it tracks the first reference satellite, once in line with it, it then rotates the dish and then turns to the SpaceNet satellite. At this point there is only a very little bit of movement for a few minutes while it peaks itself out and then it is parked until you tell it to stow or the truck is moved, it will also stow (setup option).

My office, now has over 25 fixed HSI units installed and in service along the gulf coast, and 2 mobile unit that we are very pleased with. This mobile unit has proven to be a valuable tool in the field giving us full access to our network.

US Agent/Dealer: Satalink   Jeff Griffith  214-727-1900  (Our Sales Rep for many of our communications needs here on the Gulf Coast).
Canada/US Vendor: InfoSat


The VSAT is great when you are on the road or off the road, any where you want it, you got it. 

(Down in the bottom of the Palo Duro Canyon)

Now with a DirecTV LNB on it for TV on the spot when I have nothing better to do.


  See pictures of box before the installation of the MVS.

Following Images are 1280 X 960 and are about 250K - 350K each. They where taken right after getting the unit. As shown here, it did not come in any kind of box or case, not that it needed one depending on how you are going to use it and where you place your electronics.

2 minute AVI Video  - This is a LARGE Video file  2minutes long - 21mg. The setup time takes almost 3 minutes, and this video cuts short of the dish rotating in to place.

News release about Motosat - Verified by a phone call from OptiStreams



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