MVS Equipment Box

This here is one of our custom built boxes for the MVS. It will house all the equipment needed to operate wireless as we want it for use in the field. We had it designed so that as it is, it can be shipped out and once on site, all that will required to place this unit in server is power connection, either 120 VAC, or 12 VDC. The operator only needs to know how to turn the power on, and flip a switch up to place the MVS in service, or to flip the switch down to stow it. An Ethernet connection is also available for hard wire use. This way, we will not have to worry about training some one on how to put it together, and we will not have wires all over the place between the dish and the electronics. This box is designed to operate outdoors and can be placed on a SUV for mobile use as it is. Once power is applied, 6-8 minutes and you are online.

A LinkSys wireless Cable/ Router will be used as our firewall and DHCP server that will help protect the remote PC's connected to the MVS. Two short antennas will be mounted at the top end of the box for the 802.11 wireless network and will give use planty of wireless operating range from the MVS for us to do our work and still be online.

The box is all aluminum, has wheels so that you can move it like a two wheel dolly, one it is laid down, the wheels will be off the ground.  The box alone weights about 115 lbs, and with equipment, you are looking at about 225 lbs.  If you are planning on using it on an SUV, you will need a good heavy duty rack. A lid will cover the unit for shipping, the lid also locks in to place for protection while being shipped or stored.

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Thursday July 03, 2003