Fredericksburg Texas Outing !

Well not really Fredericksburg, but about 20 miles north on FM 965 and it is one very nice ranch.  map

The owner of the ranch (Miles) who was a very nice land owner! This was his first 4x4 outing on his lands and was like a test to see if other would like it.  The common question was, would you come back again?  My reply, you bet!  We have over 50 trucks out on his land for two full days, and looking at forming another outing with as many as 100 trucks coming soon.  This outing was first setup for Jeeps, but in order to get the 50 truck that they where looking for, it was opened up to any trucks, so Here came the Land Rovers, and the Hummers.  A few areas of the trails where just for standard size truck, and so us Hummers had to make a few new go-around trails.

The outing was put together by Margo Davis. Campus Site, General Store, and Headquarters was at the Crabapple General Store & RV Park, right across from the Ranch on FM 965, just between Fredericksburg 7 Llano Tx. (See map for location)

The ranch was about 4 miles north of Enchanted Rock, and since we came this far out, before we left, we climb the rock on foot at about 5 in the afternoon.  It was a little hot, but only took about 25 minutes to make it to the top.  Then I must have spent about 25 minutes looking around before coming back down.  Now I can say, I have climbed the Enchanted rock.

The trip from Houston was not too bad, I took I-10, but returned using HI-290, and I think this was a better way to go. Going on HI-290 through Austin to the camp grounds, it is 230 miles, and I-10 through San Antonio is was 283 miles.

It was Memorial Weekend and this has to have been one of the better Memorial weekend I have every had.

Day 1 - March 29th 1999  - my pictures
Day 2 - March 30th, 1999 - my pictures
Pictures taken by Doug & Kim Aitkten (Red Defender 90)
Pictures taken by Antonio & Elena Manega (Green Discovery)

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