Fort Hood Surprise Outing !
June 27th & 28th, 1999

Click on the photos, for a larger image
I started out late from the Houston, to Fort Hood, and by the time I was on base, our little group had just left Chicken Foot and was heading for the river.  The river was low today, but it was still a slow trip down the river. 
Tim Robinson of right behind me
Mostly, this was a Land Rover group, with a few jeeps, and me.
As you can tell, something was holding us up, and trying to look ahead was Giovanni Coquis and I am sure he was not able to see mach from the end of the line, which is where he was.  The river for the most part was only about 8 inches deep, but ahead was some rocks that we had to get over, and I hate to say it, but one of the vehicles suffered a little body damage as it scraped along the side of a large rock.
Here I am going down the hill that Alan Dobbs & I know as "Our Other Chicken Foot", I will call it "Chicken Foot II" cause this one looks like a giant chicken foot.

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