Console & new AC unit (2000)

New Project:  It's a new adventure for me in a way, I am going to see about making my own console from ABS plastic and to improve on the AC /heater system in this 93 Hummer. 

New Audio System to added: Along with all the other changes, I will be installing a new audio and video system in it, it will include Alpine radio with video monitor, Sony VCR, Sony DSS, Alpx DVD player and more.

See Audio page for more info.

Why:  After seeing just how well my Aux AC unit works, and seeing just how much room the passenger has, I decided to remove the factory AC/heating unit and the dog house. The stock unit took a lot of room from the passenger side and was little I could do about it with the stock AC unit that was installed.  On top of that, this unit did not work well, and if it was not for the Aux unit that I added a few years ago, it would have been out and replaced along time ago.  

My Options: Well since I did not like the 93 stock unit, I would have spent $3000 or so for a new 2000 model AC/Heater unit that is now in the new Hummers. And from what I hear, they work very well.  But it still did not satisfy my goal for more space for the passengers since it will only take place of the old unit.  So I will have a custom unit made up similar to the units installed in the limos.  This unit will be placed in the center of the hump under the console/dog house. 

All this will mean I will have to create a new dog house that is in same ways larger then the factory one, but will not take any more space from the passenger side. In fact I plan on making an arm rest and maybe a cup holder just for the passenger side. I am now looking at making the dog house from 1/4 ABS plastic and will have room for some of the extra toys in the console. And working with ABS plastics and welding plastic is something I have not done before, so there will be a learning factor involved. 

The Game Plan: 

  1. So, first step, remove the old stuff: - Done - As seen below
  2. Add new sound and heat proofing material in the foot well and well as on the engine cover. 
  3. Find out about bonding ABS plastic
  4. Get the new AC/Heater unit installed in area I want it.
  5. Design and create the new dog house to conform to the new AC unit.
  6. Add electronics (radio, GPS, AC controls, Siren, PC interface and so on)
  7. Get dog house covered with vinyl (maybe)


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The core will be removed once I have the freon removed by one of our local AC shops. - Done.

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Above photos show the old expansion coils & heater core removed.  I then re assembled the AC/Heater unit and placed it in storage (as shown above), one day maybe to the dumpster.  Also above are the heating controls with the bad switch removed.  After removing the all the hoses, I sealed the access port and the drain for the AC using a plate of aluminum that was bolted back in to place using the old bolt pattern. Then any holes and creaks where sealed with some great gasket material called Right Stuff, this stuff is great for sealing al kinds of stuff.


The New Dog House Construction:

Some of the sites and places I visited for info:

Super welder ,  Extrusion Welder $$$  Thermoplastic Welding Torch

I got this one right here from EBay.  Looks like it was never used and it was just $180, complete with a speed tip, and welding rod samples.  Works GREAT! Super Welder Model 1167  500 watts  - $799
Other ones I was also looking at maybe buying. Drader Injectiweld with case. Model 30000 $2795HJ 500SH  480 watts  Plastic Welder Torch $ 225.95

New AC Unit is in Click here for next page

New AC unit - installed - Aug 27th 2000 - 

Sept 11th 2000 - Updates - Construction of the dog house!

Sept 14th 2000 - update

More to come