Chad Cochener Monster Brush Guards and More

The following accessories are the creation of Chad Cochener.


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The brush guard is really easy to open and close and can be completely opened & closed in 15 seconds. The brush guard latches to the airlift rings on the hood and require no modifications to the rings. The brush guard is unlock and locked with just one simple pull on a cable which you will see him do on his video.  Chad's Open and closed Brush guard video. 336K

Fiberglass Hood Scoop to help keep the engine and inside the truck even cooler. He was surprised just how much cooler it made the truck and was not going to part with it and made sure the brush guard was going to protect it as well.

Light bar will soon have lights on it and is one of the few made for the soft top model.  Heavy duty to keep out the branches when off roading.

Spare tire carrier, low almost completely out of view and can be easily removed with a couple of extra hands.

Gas can & tool box carrier: Two Swiss Army 20L gas containers, and a water tight US military ammo box for spare parts and tools. 

Every thing was powder coated, even the rear bumper and looks very nice. (After seeing this, I want to get my bumper powder coated also).

Chad has a few other designs also for the brush guards, they include a shorter versions, and also with out the raised area for the hood scoop.  Contact him at for more info on them.


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