Welcome to Allan's RedHummer web site. Ths site is dedicated to my 93 Red H1 Hummer and all the changed and things that I have done to it and with it. The idea behind this site was to let other see  my ideas and changes I made to my Hummer to is my "My Hummer". From the off-roading trips made to the changing of the A/C that from day one never really worked to something I made work to my liking. Over the years I have made a number of changed and just about all of them are with photos and  documented. See my console that I made from a sheet of ABS plastic and a hot air gun, and what I learned from it. See my new Alpine Audio system that  I had added to it and with it was the DirecTV, VCR, DVD, rear video cameras. I had removed the factory A/C heating unit and added more leg room to the passenger side and a dual A/C unit that worked. I had changed out the headlights and marker lights to the latest in technology that I could find. I took on a TIG welding project and built on to the luggage rack and added a top deck that also added a heat shield to the roof to help cut the Texas heat down. Created a fiberglass hood scoop to help force cool air in to the engine area and improve on the cooling for the A/C system. I have stuff for maintenance on the Hummers and repairs and how to do it yourself info. The Pros and cons to the winches and why I feel the hydraulics winch was the best for me. And then I had my issues with the dealership and my battle with them to get things right. The off-roading adventures I went on and how much fun we had learning just how to use the Hummer and how to make it do what we want it to do.
Hummer Sales Video: See if you can spot my Hummer in this video. Hint: it has red rims.



Welcome to my Red Hummer web site. This web site is about my personal 93 Hummer that was once part of AM Generals first demos for the public sales. It was used to create some of the first sales videos to the car buyers in 93. Later sold to a west Texas resident, then traded back to the dealership in 95 and then to me in early 96. Since I got it, I have used it a lot for off roading here in Texas and over the time, made a number of changes to the truck. This was my play toy that had a great time with and still love it. I have not used it for off roading in a log time and have not used much either. I keep it safe out of he weather and always ready to roll on the road just in case of an emergency.

On this web site, you will see where I have modified a number of items on my own just to make it my custom Hummer. Have not spent a great deal of money  in making changes, so there is nothing too wild of  change that you will see here. If I had the money there would be a few things I would like to do to it, but that will not any time soon.  

Enjoy the site. I did have a number of off roading photos here, but they where lost when my web hosting company formatted my server, so a lot was lost.  - - Allan


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This site was first created Saturday, April 7th, 1997