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The above videos are from a local TV station, if you like it, great, if you don't, fine, tell that to the news media, get your options air'ed. But don't waste your time sending me hate mail and cussing me out about it, it will just get deleted and added  to the SPAM mail list.

Here is my option of the H1 and H2: First, thing is that the H1 was designed for the military to do a military job or application and since 1992, it has been adapted for use in a civilian automotive market. And when you adapt something for another type of application of job, it is not the same as something it is made for that given application. The H1 and H2 are not in the same league as each other, they do not perform the same in there designed functionality.  The H1 is not for the standard house wife and kids, it is a beast of a truck and is not for every one. To some, the H1 is ugly, but it was not made to be pretty, it was made to function and it was designed in the early 80's.

The H1 is a rugged built truck with a lot going for it in the off-roading ability. It is wider, and it is has a lower center of gravity, it can carry a heavier cargo load, can take corning faster then the H2. It stands only 75" tall and 86.5 inches wide, and yet has a ground clearance of 16", so there is no need to put on bigger tires. It has seats in the rear that do not recline, it will seat just 4 full size adults and not one more,  it is noisier then the H2, it is a diesel what do you expect. It is able to travel in 30 inches of water, it has holes in the floor boards to let water in and out, it has vinyl floor and is not carpeted as a stock item. You can place over 1200 lbs of cargo on the roof racks and more in some cases. It has runflat tire option that you can run with 4 flats for 30 miles at 30 MPH, so when in combat and you get a flat, just keep running until you get to a safe place to replace your flat. You can inflate or deflate your tires on the run, no need to stop to change tire pressure. The H1 will also be an attention getting, simply because it is a military truck, I don't care what you say about it.

The H2, nice and quiet, soft riding, GM built, will do more then most SUV's off road. Made to look some what like the style of the true Hummers, smaller and is able to be parked in the average garage with ease as long as you do not have a luggage rack on it since it sits at nearly 78" high and just 81.2" wide. Built with the civilian in mind, not the military, so don't go in to deep water over 20 inches, the H2 is not made for it. It's approach angles are much less, only 40 degrees, where the H1 is 72 degrees, so if you are out climbing the off-roading lands, you are physically challenged by it's design. The H2 has a gas engine and even more HP power, 316 HP, but 360 lb-ft torque, but is faster on the road since it weights only 6400 lbs, while the H1 has only 205 HP, but 440 lb-ft toque of diesel power to move the empty 7600 lbs truck on the trails and roads, it still has the power to move on the highways and power to climb of road. Like I said before, it was built with the civilian in mind on both his or her wants and an SUV, and there wallet in mind too, so there are lots of creature comfort items and options to customize your truck.

As for the H2 marring the H1, Like anything new, the older version will loose it value quicker when something new comes out. Since the sale of the H2's the resale value of the H1 has gone down, way down  IMHO. Many H1 Hummer owners know that before the release of the H2, the value of the H1 was higher. So, yes the H2, did in fact damage the value of the H1 by using the Hummer name. It is just human nature, why get an old H1 when for much less I can get an newer H2? after all still just a Hummer to them.  It is in many ways just like a new body style to a given car or truck, many wait just to get the new body style, simply because it is new, it may not do the same, but it's new.

Personally, I do like the H2 truck, I would like to get one, but for me the cargo area in the rear is too small. I think it would be a nice addition the driveway, generation 1 Hummer, and Generation 2 Hummer. I would get a nice bright yellow one if I did. But instead I have a great big Suburban 3/4 ton, 4x4 that fits my application just fine. And the same goes for my H1 Hummer, it also fits the application that I got it for.  I don't expect to merge to the two together to make one ideal truck because they both have different application in my life.


Allan Madar

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